How to post an eCard to Facebook?

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How do I send an eCard to someone on Facebook?

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How do I send a birthday card to someone on Facebook?

You can post a custom eCard to your or your friend’s Facebook Wall / Timeline, in a Group, in an Event or on a Page you manage, or just send in a Private Message. Send your friends and family an eCard for a birthday, holiday, or special occasion. They will like it!

Here is how to post an eCard to Facebook:

  1. Go to and create an animated 3D Pop Up greeting eCard

  2. Once the eCard is ready, press Facebook Share button on the left side panel

  3. Facebook Share Dialogue will be open

  4. Choose the post destination in the upper left with On your own Timeline as the default. You can post to other places:
    - On your own Timeline
    - On a friends Timeline
    - In a group
    - On a Page you Manage
    - In a Private Message

  5. Press post to Facebook button

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